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Our Non-Profit Structure


Our Current Board Members

Worker Self-Directed

Lauren Todd - Co-Chair

Valerie Cahan - Co-Chair

Grace Edinger - Co-Treasurer

Jacob Anderson - Co-Treasurer

Amanda Morgan - Secretary


Amyjoy Clark - Member


Kate Edmundson - Member 

School year 2022-2023 was the first year in Chickpeas history that we did not operate as a parent-run cooperative. When we accepted a 3K contract for the 22-23 year, we knew it meant transitioning to a more traditional organizational structure. Our DOE contract is clear that we may not require anything of families that would create a barrier to attending Chickpeas. For the successful operation of our school, we would need every parent to take on some form of coop labor, and we just can't do that anymore!

Chickpeas remains a non-profit, and aims to keep as much of the coop spirit alive as we can as we transition to a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit. We do this through lines of communication and decision-making that are consistent and bidirectional. We also give workers much more access to information and decision-making influence than a typical, hierarchically organized organization would.


We have a Board of no fewer than 5 parent members. We have volunteer parent committees for fundraising, class parent, and indoor/outdoor maintenance. We have monthly community meetings via Zoom.

We believe that your child's school environment can only be as good as their teacher's work environment and strive for as much alignment between these two realms as possible.

To learn more about Worker Self-Directed Non-Profits visit

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