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Chickpeas is dedicated to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive school community that respects and welcomes families and staff of all races, ethnicities, genders / gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, family structures, abilities, income levels, and cultures. Chickpeas strives to foster each child’s sense of identity, their understanding of diversity and justice, and their ability to be active agents for change.


In doing so, we practice and affirm the goals of anti-bias education:

  1. Each child will demonstrate self-awareness, confidence, family pride, and positive social identities.

  2. Each child will accept comfort and joy with human diversity, accurate language for human difference, and deep, caring human connections.

  3. Each child will increasingly recognize unfairness, have language to describe unfairness, and understand that unfairness hurts.

  4. Each child will demonstrate empowerment and the skills to act, with others and alone, against prejudice and / or discriminatory actions.

  5. For more information and details about these goals, click HERE

*These goals were sourced from the text  Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves by Louise Derman-Sparks, Julie Olsen Edwards, and Catherine M. Goins.

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