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Thank you for your interest in Chickpeas. Below is important information about the DOE application process.


As of April 2022, Chickpeas is now DOE funded to provide both 3K and PreK seats for the community. For the 2024-25 school year, children born in 2021 will be eligible for 3-K, and children born in 2020 will be eligible for Pre-K.


All families interested in 3-K or Pre-K must must apply through the NYCDOE MySchools website. Application deadlines for 3-K and Pre-K For All are set by the NYCDOE. Please check their website for updates.

Chickpeas does not make admissions decisions for our open 3K and PreK spots. We are provided a list from the DOE, and must go down the list in order to offer open seats to families. 

Should your family be placed with Chickpeas, we will reach out and answer any questions you may need answered before deciding to choose Chickpeas. Applying for 3-K and/or Pre-K For All is FREE.


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