Of the many things that make Chickpeas unique, none is more important than the deep involvement of parents. And by “involvement” we mean “hard work”: like parenting itself, being a Chickpeas parent means doing a lot of unglamorous work, but also enjoying the camaraderie and fun of pitching in and getting to know peers.  A parent of a Chickpeas alumnus recently reported, “Strange as it sounds, I miss the work of Chickpeas: as involved as I am at my kids local P.S., I never get to know other parents the way I did when scrubbing bathrooms or putting together playground equipment shoulder-to-shoulder with Chickpeas folks.”  

Every family performs one job for each child in attendance (if you have two children at Chickpeas, your family does two jobs). Although the jobs are relatively uniform in terms of the sheer amount of work, they vary widely in how that work is distributed: some require hours during working hours and others don’t; some have marked busy/slow periods and others are consistent; and so on.  With that in mind, let’s look at the jobs that make Chickpeas work.

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