Chickpea-isms / Language

We model neutral and non-judgmental language couched in the idea of safety for our bodies and our feelings.


Chickpeas uses the words “Okay” and “Not okay” to describe children’s words and actions versus the words “Good” and “Bad.”


    - “Using the truck for driving is an okay choice.”

    - “Smashing other people’s building with your truck is a not okay choice.”

    - “I think a mistake happened….”


We help kids change their words or actions by getting them to think about what they could say/do differently.


    - “Can you find a different way to use the truck that is not smashing?”


Chickpeas uses safety as a frame for children’s words and actions.


    - “Telling so-and-so they are not your friend is not safe for so-and-so’s feelings.”

    - “Using the scissors like a sword is not safe for Chickpeas’ bodies.”

    - “I need you to change your words/game so they/it are safer.”


We use language to help children identify their emotions and handle them in a safe and productive way.


    - “I notice you’re frustrated that grabbing happened. What do you want to say to so-and-so? What would you like them to do differently next time?”

    - “I notice you bumped into your friend by accident. No one feels angry but let’s check to see if they are okay.”

    - “I notice you are feeling very excited about your birthday. Can you think of a way to be excited that doesn’t have screaming?”


We help children describe and talk about wants, needs, and differences in a neutral and nonjudgmental way.


    - “Playing princess isn’t my style.”

    - “I don’t want a hug right now, maybe later.”

    - “I need a break from you calling me that silly name.”

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